How Can I Serve?
Reaching Out Ministry
This ministry includes helping out with the New Beginnings Food Pantry, Clothing Needs or Emergency needs in case of a home fire, etc.   
Helping Hands Ministry
This ministry helps people that can’t help themselves with construction-type needs such as handicap ramps, plumbing, moving, etc.   Anyone that has a helping heart and hands can certainly be a part of this Ministry! 
Prayer Ministry
New Beginnings has a prayer chain that prays daily for any prayer needs of your family and friends and also prays regularly for the pastor, associate pastors, church leaders and our church services.
Evangelism Ministry
This ministry is our Outreach Ministry that goes on door-to-door visitations, intentional visitations and visits throughout the community. We visit any family and friends that the congregations requests to be visited. The heart of this Ministry is to invite people to Heaven!
Hospitality Ministry
This ministry consists of all fellowship functions of the church such as church dinners and helping church families out when a need arises due to a surgery or illness, death of a loved one, etc. It also consists of our welcoming team which we call “greeters.”
Children’s Ministry
This ministry consists of working in any area involving our children! We offer TeamKid classes on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. and Children’s Church on Sunday mornings.
Youth Ministry
This ministry consists of working in any area involving our youth! We offer a Youth Program beginning at sixth grade through high school.
Music/Worship Ministry
This ministry consists of our worship team, media ministry and all the behind-the-scenes work that makes it flow and sound so good! Please contact any of the following people if you would like to use your talents in our worship or in the actual muscle work that makes it all work in this Ministry
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